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Jumping into Freelance Design

Freelance work has been my launchpad into the professional world, especially since graduating right in the middle of the COVID-19 chaos. It's become more than just a side hustle for me; it's my playground for creativity when I'm not tied down with other commitments.

I've been fortunate to build a tight-knit crew of fellow designers, and together we've tackled a diverse array of projects. From revamping the digital face of startups in the transportation sector to giving e-commerce ventures a brand facelift, we've dabbled in it all. There's something that excites me  about diving into each project, deciphering the client's vision, and then crafting it into reality through UX and digital design. I made this page to share brief insights into the fun work I've been able to complete through freelance designing, enjoy :)




Book Community Startup



Logo Design / Email Design / UX / Web & App Design


Bookstory, pronounced Book-st-a-ree, is an app designed for book lovers and every type of reader in between. The books we read tell the story of us. This app serves as a place to record that story. By providing an outlet to document the reader's journey, it also serves as a place to connect with others, crafting a community where bookworms unite to share their literary adventures, swap recommendations, and bond over shared passions.


The Design Vision

With their app concept, the client saw an opportunity to revolutionize the book community by addressing the gaps in the reading experience. They recognized a common trend: digital readers often juggle multiple apps to fulfill various aspects of their reading journey, from discovering new books to discussing favorites and keeping track of completed reads. Yet, surprisingly, there wasn't a single app that encompassed all these functions under one roof.

The design vision was clear: to streamline the reading experience by offering a comprehensive platform where users could seamlessly explore, engage, and document their literary adventures without ever having to switch between multiple apps. By consolidating these fragmented aspects of the reading journey into one cohesive application, they aimed to enhance user convenience and satisfaction.

Step 1 : Competitive Analysis

Analyzing the many apps in the book space (ie. Goodreads, Libby etc..) to find out what users like/dislike and what makes these competitors successful. In terms of content, disecting the language used across these applications and how to differentiate with Bookstory.


Step 2 : Establish Brand Elements

With close collaboration with the client, I created a set of moodboards with various creative directions to determine the design aesthetic the client wanted to achieve. From there I worked on creating font pairings, color schemes, iconography to set the ground work before constructing wireframes and low fidelity mockups.


Step 3 : Design

This client specifically was in the early stages of their start up so establishing the brand identity was a key component of this process. This work focused on email design, logo / app icon design and of course the UX / native app design. 



UI Design Elements


Montserrat  |  Merriweather

Color Palette


Final Takeaways & Lessons Learned

  • Defining a brand's identity can be complex but also incredibly rewarding to see it come to life.

  • Atomic Design is your friend.
  • Having clients with a clear vision goes a long way in assisting your creative process so working closley with your client to understand their vision is key.

Pave Motors

Transportation Start Up


Pave Motors

UX / Web & App Design 

This was my first freelance project coming out of college, I worked closely with a senior designer named Cassidy to design the mobile application for Pave Motors Inc. and later worked to create their website design as their brand continued to evolve as a start up. 

Some background on Pave Motors highlights their  focus on electric and autonomous e-bike vehicles. Their lineup features sleek, eco-friendly models that seamlessly blend style with functionality, offering drivers an unparalleled driving experience while minimizing their environmental footprint.Through partnerships with tech giants and forward-thinking startups, they're pioneering new solutions for smart cities, ride-sharing platforms, and sustainable urban mobility.

more info to come..


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