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White Castle

Create a modular email design system to increase annual customer value by converting email subscribers to loyalty program members and increasing customer order frequency. By creating a custom design system, this offers more personalization and versatility in email content creation.

Product Designer, Developer, PM

8 Weeks

Let’s start at the beginning

As the sole designer on this account, I had full control of the creative direction, from pitching photo concepts to the component creation in its entirety. I first began the design process by looking at inspiration, what are other companies doing to improve their email marketing?

I analyzed how companies such as Starbucks, Free People, Taco Bell etc.. were focusing their efforts in this space. From there, I was able to focus on the creative direction I wanted to take White Castle.

The White Castle account created an opportunity to improve the long standing and tedious process of designing emails and instead create a frictionless, flexible and scalable design practice. Migrating their email communications to a modular design system allows for seamless personalization and customization of content.



Benefits of a Modular System


The use of images as content within an email is not accessible for everyone, therefore a modular system allows for more inclusivity for consumers. This is also one of the easiest ways to maximize your marketing reach.


A modular design kit allows for flexible, efficient scalability across various platforms. Being able to do so increases the effectiveness, sustainability, and reach of your emails.


Allows for a personalized experience, especially when emails can be triggered based on behavior, action or in-action. By using modules, it allows customers to have a unique and personalized experience since they can easily be swapped in and out.



Increase in email variety



increase in unique clicks YOY



increase in unique open rate

Color Palette


Get to know the brand

White Castle has been around since 1921 and has tons of rich history as a brand and remains a family owned and operated business to this day. The brand has a fun personality with many loyal customers that have built life long memories while visiting a White Castle. This being an important aspect of their brand was a driving force in my creative direction.

It took about 6 weeks to complete after developing concepts, deciding on a photography direction and presenting multiple rounds of design to the client. The design system was created with a mobile-first approach before moving to desktop module creation and consists of over 200 email modules built using Figma.


Final Takeaways

  • Chunking out the work & thinking about it as pieces of a larger puzzle instead of a completed puzzle can allows the work to feel more digestable. This allowed me to focus on small milestones until getting to the finish line.
  • Figma components make your life easier. Period.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment with visual styles, you can always scale back afterwards, if needed.
  • I was allocated to two projects during this time so having a schedule to keep myself organized day to day made the world of a difference.

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